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Honoring and Dishonoring the NFL's Best

Flop of the Year: A year after making it to the NFC championship game, the Atlanta Falcons were eliminated from the postseason in the second to last week of the regular season. Then again, the team that beat them in that NFC title contest, the Eagles, were out of it by midseason. There is plenty of blame for both to share for this dishonor.

Geezer of the Year: Giants punter Jeff Feagles, who has now played in more games than any player in league history.

Travelers of the Year: The New Orleans Saints essentially played 16 road games after Hurricane Katrina, shuffling between home games in San Antonio, Baton Rouge and the New Jersey Meadowlands.

Cad of the Year: Even as people were literally dying in his home stadium and the surrounding streets, New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson was plotting ways to permanently move his team out of town.

Slogan of the Year: The Millen Man March held in Detroit to protest the bungling five-year reign of error since team president Matt Millen took control of the worst franchise in the league.

Best Studio TV Show: HBO's Inside the NFL--great highlights, better banter, especially with Cris Collinsworth, and superb insider talk from Peter King.

Best Broadcaster: Al Michaels remains at the very top of his game, and his presence in the Monday night booth fortunately will continue, even if it's on ESPN starting next fall.

Worst broadcaster: Chris Berman's act wears thinner every season.

Best web site: provides links to newspaper stories in every NFL city and has a readily accessible archive service, as well.

Worst web site:, now owned and operated by the Washington Redskins and a place where no-accountability venom remains the lifeblood of a despicable operation.

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