Labels Get a Closer Look

Tuesday, January 10, 2006; 10:04 AM

Noticed anything different lately on some of your favorite foods?

Since January 1, the Food and Drug Administration has required food companies to list unhealthy trans fats on their products' nutrition facts labels.

And for those who have food allergies, there's another new federally mandated change that also took effect January 1. It's likely to make it easier for those of you who have food allergies to shop for groceries without getting a degree in chemistry.

Learn the details about both new labeling rules in today's Lean Plate Club column, including information about some large loopholes.

Okay, so how much time do you spend reading food labels when you shop? Tell us how you rely on nutrition facts info to guide your food choices--or not--in today's Lean Plate Club Web chat from 1 to 2 p.m. Can't join live? No problem. Leave your comments and suggestions ahead of time. Or e-mail me anytime at

Is It Worth It to Buy Organic?

That's the question that Consumer Reports asks in a new roundup. CR examines which organic products are worth buying, which ones to choose only if price is no object and which organic foods you can skip.

So how about you? Are you buying organic? Tell us your approach to organic food in today's Lean Plate Club Web chat, from 1 to 2 p.m. Can't join live? No problem. Leave your comments, questions and tips ahead of time.

LPC Frappr Continues to Grow

It started with the Holiday Challenge, but it's continuing into the New Year. Check out the latest Lean Plate Club members who are signed up at Frappr. Some have posted pictures and some have included messages.

Getting Enough Z's

A growing body of research suggests that sleep may play an important role in helping to control hunger as well as to keep blood sugar and key hormones at healthy levels. In today's Health section, discover how some couples (who are still very much coupled) are now sleeping separately to be sure that they get a good night's sleep. (Kind of a throwback, isn't it, to the days when men and women routinely had separate bedrooms?)

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