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Kate Michelman, The Public Face Of a Woman's Right to Privacy

(Andrea Bruce - Staff)

She is not that attuned to popular culture, daughter Anya says. But Michelman is hooked on "24," the warp-speed, torture-laden thriller Fox series. And she has seen "The Lord of the Rings" several times.

Personality tests, she said, always told her what she already knew. She is an introvert. Her personal story, she said, pushed her into prominence. Still, it was only after she had been president of NARAL for a few years that she went public with her own abortion story.

Introducing Michelman, Frances Kissling, president of Catholics for a Free Choice, encouraged everyone to buy lots of copies. "We want her book on the bestseller list."

She and others testified to Michelman's energy and focus.

Albright told everyone that Michelman had provided "a voice for those who didn't have a voice and a brain for those who didn't have a brain."

She said Michelman kept the women's movement motivated and that the timing of her book with the Alito hearings was fortunate.

Fred Michelman said living with Kate was "like riding a tiger."

As for the face of the abortion rights movement, her husband of almost 34 years smiled and said, "It's a face I know so well."

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