A Better Way for Pedestrians

Monday, January 16, 2006

In a Dec. 31 letter, Benjamin D. Kelahan of Falls Church discussed the safety of pedestrians crossing Route 50 in the Seven Corners area of Fairfax County, which has been the site of four pedestrian fatalities and numerous accidents since 2001.

I am pleased to report that a new pedestrian bridge across Arlington Boulevard (Route 50) adjacent to the shopping center will be built next year. Sidewalks leading to the pedestrian bridge also will be constructed. Fencing and landscaping will help direct people to the ramp and stairs to the bridge.

As part of the shopping center's recent plan to modify its site, land was provided for the pedestrian bridge on its property and for a future transit center. This transit center, which is funded for design and construction, will replace the two bus shelters next to the shopping center.

These improvements are being accomplished through the cooperation of state and local governments, working with the shopping center owner and local citizens.


Supervisor (D-Mason)

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors


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