Correction to This Article
A Jan. 26 Style article about the NBC series "The Book of Daniel" incorrectly said that the American Family Association is led by James Dobson. The group's chairman is Donald E. Wildmon.

Prophet And Loss: NBC Drops 'Daniel'

Thursday, January 26, 2006

NBC has closed the book on the religious drama "The Book of Daniel," pulling the series off its schedule after three episodes.

The controversial show, starring Aidan Quinn as a Vicodin-popping Episcopal priest with a troubled family, had a decent debut this month, drawing more than 9 million viewers. But the audience dropped off considerably the past two weeks, with last Friday's episode mustering only 5.8 million viewers.

"Daniel" generated controversy before its premiere when seven NBC affiliates announced they would not air the show because of how it depicted religious issues. The conservative Christian group American Family Association, led by James Dobson, advised its followers to call their NBC stations to protest the program.

This season, NBC has had trouble finding a fit for its Friday 10 p.m. time slot. In October, the network pulled the sperm-bank drama "Inconceivable" after two episodes.

So what will NBC air in the displaced "Daniel" slot? A repeat episode of "Law & Order."

-- John Maynard

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