Taylor Faces New Charges Of Assault And Battery

Sean Taylor
A Miami prosecutor has filed two additional assault charges against safety Sean Taylor, increasing his potential prison term to 46 years. (Charles W Luzier - Reuters)
Saturday, January 28, 2006

Miami-Dade prosecutor Mike Grieco filed a new charging document against Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor yesterday, increasing the potential jail time he faces if convicted. Grieco said there are no hearings scheduled between now and Taylor's trial date of March 20, and he is prepared to begin the proceedings then.

Taylor is facing felony aggravated assault charges, and a misdemeanor count of battery, after being arrested last year for brandishing a firearm at three individuals he believes stole two all-terrain vehicles from him. Originally, he faced one count of felony assault, with three victims listed, but Grieco has now changed the charge to three separate counts -- one for each victim. Each count carries a three-year mandatory minimum sentence if convicted under Florida law. He also faces one count of simple battery, which was unchanged by yesterday's filing.

Previously, Taylor's maximum jail sentence would have been 16 years, but now it is 46, although as a first-time offender, it would be unlikely he would receive such a long sentence. Taylor's attorney, Ed Carhart , filed a written statement of not guilty as a procedural matter in the hearing.

The case was postponed several times at Carhart's request during the season, with Taylor starting for the Redskins through the playoffs, but Grieco is hopeful that the March 20 date will hold. Carhart has been unavailable to comment, and nobody has answered his office phone.

"I see it going to trial in March," Grieco said. "Unless another trial on the judge's schedule comes up, I think we'll begin March 20. We're certainly trial ready."

In other Redskins news, the team announced the signing of 18 players for depth purposes yesterday, and also assigned eight players to NFL Europe, including wide receiver-return specialist Antonio Brown and defensive lineman Aki Jones , both of whom spent time on the active roster this season.

-- Jason La Canfora

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