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Hey, 40 Is the New XL

Oh, yeah, the game itself -- you probably want to know who's going to win. Once a year, I provide the EXACT FINAL SCORE of a game beforehand. (When I nailed Bobby Fischer's 12 1/2 -8 1/2 victory over Boris Spassky to win the world chess championship in '72, Pravda hailed me as the next Nostradamus.) Pittsburgh 29, Seattle 11 1/2 .

Ask The Slouch

Q. As a longtime reader, I would be honored if you were to serve as part of my thesis committee. My thesis is titled, "Integrated Risk Assessment and Management for the 2006 Virginia Gubernatorial Inauguration." I think you would bring a lot of experience to the table. (Abhinav Agrawal; Charlottesville)

A. Virginia has a governor?

Q. What struck you most about Kobe Bryant's 81-point night against the Raptors? (Darryl Bell; Elyria, Ohio)

A. If Phil Jackson hadn't taken him out with 4.2 seconds left, I figure Kobe could've gone for 100.

Q. How big of a loser do you have to be to sit home and watch the PBA with its poster child, Pete Weber, parading around like a ballerina on painkillers? No offense. (Barry Josowitz; Pittsburgh)

A. None taken.

Q. A University of Maryland basketball player recently was declared academically ineligible. Isn't that like falling out of a boat and missing the water? (Bryan Satterlee; Albany, N.Y.)

A. Pay the man, Shirley.

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