Correction to This Article
Earlier versions of this story incorrectly reported the money that candidate Allan J. Lichtman had on hand. He has raised $338,442, including $250,000 of his own money; and has $322,806 on hand. The incorrect version said he had $88,442 on hand.

Cardin Reports Deepest War Chest Among Senate Hopefuls

By John Wagner and Ann E. Marimow
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, February 1, 2006; 10:46 AM

Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin reported far more cash on hand at the end of last year than any of his Democratic rivals for Maryland's open Senate seat and Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele, the leading Republican hopeful, his campaign aides said.

Aides to Cardin said the Baltimore area lawmaker's campaign finance report, which was due yesterday, would show he had raised more than $2.8 million in 2005 and finished the year with more than $2.1 million on hand.

Those figures dwarf the totals of Cardin's best-known Democratic rival, former NAACP leader Kweisi Mfume, who aides said raised $421,000 during the year and finished with a little more than $125,000 on hand.

Aides to Mfume tried to play down the difference yesterday, suggesting that the former Baltimore congressman will not need as much money because he is widely known and has a loyal following.

"It's a comfortable position for us to be in right now," said Lindsay Lewis, one of Mfume's two newly hired veteran operatives. Lewis added that Mfume has numerous "major" fundraisers scheduled in coming weeks.

Mfume's available cash is lower than that of some of his other Democratic rivals who entered the race far more recently and whose totals are bolstered by personal money.

Steele's aides reported that the Republican raised nearly $1.3 million and finished the year with $786,604 on hand. During the final three months of the year, however, Steele outraised Cardin $853,350 to $778,537, according to figures provided by aides.

Cardin aides said their candidate is the only Democrat who has demonstrated the ability to compete with a well-funded Republican.

"The recipe for winning a modern Senate campaign in Maryland is pretty simple," Cardin spokesman Oren Shur said. "You need an effective leader with strong Democratic principles who also has the ability to mount a well-funded and well-organized campaign."

The campaigns of other Democrats running for Senate said they would report the following totals:

· Josh Rales, a businessman from Montgomery County: $602,141 raised, including $145,475 of his own money; $342,857 on hand.

· Lise Van Susteren, a psychiatrist from Montgomery: $366,312 raised, including about $90,000 of her own money; $155,093 on hand.

· Allan J. Lichtman, a professor from Montgomery: $338,442 raised, including $250,000 of his own money; $322,806 on hand.

Totals were not available for Dennis F. Rasmussen, a former Baltimore County executive, and A. Robert Kaufman, a Baltimore community activist.

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