Another Super Bowl Record: Most Jokes About Divorce

By Norman Chad
Monday, February 6, 2006

Super Bowl Sunday had a little of everything: Terrible Towels, MVPs on parade, The Whopperettes, an instant-replay reversal, Cheesy Bites, "We have a Code Black," repeated and annoying Radio Shack ads, "Satisfaction," a gadget-play touchdown, ABC's NFL swan song, The Bus's Last Ride, Fabio and, of course, a game for all ages.

Anyway, I took notes:

3:14 p.m. Eastern time: Bill Belichick looked as comfortable on the pregame set as a turkey the night before Thanksgiving.

3:52: Note to August Busch IV (whom I affectionately call AB2{+2}): You can blah blah blah all you want about Budweiser Select, but I'm only pushing Rolling Rock up the hill.

4:07: I didn't know Jerome Bettis was from Detroit.

4:48: Those "Grey's Anatomy" promos almost scared me back to radio.

5:02: At my last MLS Cup party, we had a drinking game involving corner kicks.

5:23: I don't know why, but I thought Belichick might eventually do shadow puppets.

6:21: Something tells me that future civilizations will look back at our Super Bowl ceremonial coin tosses with a degree of derision.

6:29: The phone rings moments after kickoff -- it's my second ex-wife, asking me what I'm doing. Man, she's got to let it go.

6:43: Sadly, I realize that the most complex and rewarding relationship I've ever had as an adult is with John Madden.

6:51: I used to have wavy locks like Troy Polamalu, but my co-workers at the cookie factory made me cut them.

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