Amerie the Beautiful

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Wednesday, February 8, 2006

If you ever heard hip-hop starlet Amerie belt out her inescapable-in-'05 hit "1 Thing" or watched her writhe her curvy figure through the video, batting boudoir eyes at the camera, you may have found yourself thinking, "Damn! Where'd she matriculate?"

Well, if you guessed Georgetown . . . you guessed right!

Up for two Grammys tonight, the 2000 grad (English major, fine arts minor) waxed nostalgic about her Hoya days to our colleague J. Freedom du Lac during pre-awards festivities in L.A.

"When I go back to Georgetown, it reminds me of where I've come from, and dreaming and hoping," she said. "I remember doing my little student job . . . delivering things to professors in different departments, listening to my Walkman, to new material I was doing, wondering: If this was on the radio right now, how would I feel?"

An Army brat of Korean and African American heritage who finished high school in Alaska, Amerie Rogers got her musical start in the District, where she first teamed with hitmaking producer Rich Harrison , a Howard grad. She lived on campus her first three years (Village C, Copley, Henle Village, for you insiders) before moving to the Hill "just to get outside of the bubble." Her favorite Georgetown nostalgia trip? Not beers at he Tombs -- hot chocolate at the student center. Really! "I didn't have a lot of money. So every month, I'd buy one hot chocolate drink. I'd sit in the Leavey Center and just appreciate my $4.50 chocolate drink." Success "was all just a dream at that time. I only had three pairs of jeans: light, medium and dark."

Which reminds us: Who are you wearing tonight? "Mr. Armani created something for me. It's a big V plunge in the front. It's neutral color, with extensive detailing and beading. It's a very, very heavy dress. Every time I have a train, [my publicist] finds a way to step on it. He's got to make sure the dress is sturdy."

Krewe Kancels, but D.C.'s Bon Temps Will Rouler

For almost half a century, the Mystic Krewe of Louisianans has hosted Washington's rowdiest high-power, no-press-allowed Mardi Gras bash. This year, for the first time, the krewe has canceled the party for 2,500 because so many Louisianans couldn't make it to the nation's capital, the hurricanes having disrupted their lives. But not all is lost: The District's Louisiana State Society has transformed its lower-key King Cake party into a masquerade ball. Saturday's party for 1,000 revelers benefits the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation and will include the traditional booze, beads, zydeco music and politicians kicking up their heels. "This year, the Mardi Gras spirit takes on a special meaning," says LSS's Alisha Prather . "We went into this not quite knowing what the reaction would be, but it sold out quickly."

This Just In

Celebabies!· Don't end your Vegas binge near an all-night chapel. Don't walk barefoot into a public restroom. Don't forget the prenup. And now the latest life lesson we've gained from Britney Spears's hard experience: Don't drive with your baby on your lap.The pop princess was photographed steering her SUV through Malibu with infant son Sean Preston Federline perched up front, rather than strapped into a car seat in the back, earning a big tsk-tsk from celeb-watchers and child safety types. Brit blamed a "horrifying, frightful encounter with the paparazzi" that forced her to drive away in a hurry; the photo agency denied a confrontation.· So take note, Jon Stewart ! The "Daily Show" host and his wife, Tracey , welcomed their second child over the weekend -- a girl, Maggie Rose .


Bull market for Alan Greenspan ! Last week, during his final day in office, artist Erin Crowe created an oil painting of the former Fed chair live on CNBC. The one-day portrait was finished at 4:59 p.m. and immediately placed on eBay. The three-day auction to benefit Autism Speaks attracted more than 82,000 hits and sold Friday for a staggering $150,400.

A spokesman for CNBC would not reveal the name of the winning bidder except to say it was "two brothers from Florida." A spokesman for eBay said the high bid is registered as DSMS75RV, an account with a perfect payment record, which means this is considered a legitimate purchase. DSMS75RV's most recent purchases were a Nerf Dart Tag two-player system for $45 and a refill 30-pack for it for $15. Hmmm . . . wonder if the new office game will be Nerf target shooting at Greenspan's nose?

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