Pakistan and the U.S., Aligned Against Terrorism

Thursday, February 9, 2006

The Jan. 25 editorial "The War in Pakistan" advised that the United States bomb the territory of Pakistan, a sovereign nation, flouting international law.

The Bush administration, however, is in harmony with Pakistan and its role as a frontline state in the war on terrorism. On March 8, 2005, President Bush said, "We are more secure because Pakistani forces captured more than 100 extremists across the country last year, including operatives who were plotting attacks against the United States."

The editorial also alleged that "Islamic extremists" carry out attacks against India. Pakistan opened up the Azad Jammu and Kashmir territories to international relief agencies after the Oct. 8 earthquake. Had any such group as "Islamic extremists" been in Pakistan, the government would not have allowed these humanitarian groups into the area.

Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz has said that Pakistan is committed to fighting terrorism in "all its forms and manifestations." Pakistan has deployed 80,000 troops on its western border to stop the infiltration of al Qaeda and the Taliban. Pakistan and the United States work closely on all fronts of the war on terror. With the support and cooperation of the rest of the international community, we surely will win this war.


Press Minister

Embassy of Pakistan


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