'Final Destination 3': Doomed to Repeat Itself

Friday, February 10, 2006

Like the previous movies in the series, "Final Destination 3" underscores how inevitably death comes to those who are, well, in the cast.

Just as she's about to embark on a roller coaster with her high school friends, Wendy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) gets a horrifying premonition that this will be a death ride for all. She gets off before it starts, and so do most of her friends. But the event is just a precursor of the grisly calamities that will soon visit everyone -- clues to their respective demises can be found in the digital photos Wendy happens to have taken of all of them.

Despite the attempts of Wendy and her friend Kevin Fischer (Ryan Merriman) to warn everyone, the decapitations and gorings claim their buddies, one by one. With a premise as cavalier as this, perhaps director and co-writer James Wong could have found a tone more original than post-Wes Craven cynicism. Instead, he panders to viewers, allowing them to take gleeful comfort in the destruction of the stupid and doomed.

-- Desson Thomson

Final Destination 3 R, 92 minutes Contains gory violence, nudity and profanity. Area theaters.

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