Marie C. Johns

Marie C. Johns

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Born : Aug. 19, 1951, in Indianapolis; D.C. resident since 1999; attended North Central High School in Indianapolis and Indiana University (bachelor of science degree and master's in public administration); married; one son and one grandson; Spring Valley resident; retired president and chief executive of Verizon Washington; attends Metropolitan A.M.E. Church.

Fun/exercise: "I wouldn't call it fun, but for exercise I walk, spin, and do weight training."

Favorites: "I don't watch TV much. Other than my grandson's house, my favorite DC spots are places like U Street and Barracks Row where people are out and small businesses are thriving. I love a good cookbook and the Bible, of course."

Children's schools: "Our son attended public schools; however, he was in college when we moved to DC. My grandson will be in DC schools in a few years and I want to see him get a quality public education."

Crime victim? "Several years ago, my car was broken into and several items were stolen."

What makes people angry with you? "People get angry with me when I try to do too much, and this makes me angry with myself."

Biggest regret or painful memory: "My son and grandson have brought so much joy that I regret that I was not blessed with more children."

What makes you happy? "Cooking a great meal to enjoy with family and friends."

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