John Danforth's History

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I am grateful that John Danforth is taking on the religious right [" 'St. Jack' and the Bullies in the Pulpit: John Danforth Says It's Time the GOP Center Took On the Christian Right," Style, Feb. 2]. I am also mindful of Mr. Danforth's pivotal role in the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, one of the great successes of the religious right in recent times and one that will shape the direction of our courts and our nation for years. The confirmation would not have been possible without the compliance of moderate Republicans such as Mr. Danforth.

It is fine for Mr. Danforth to take a stand against bullies in the pulpit, but I wish he had done it earlier and that moderate Republicans in office now would share his newfound conviction.


Lake Forest, Ill.


The article on John Danforth did not address an intriguing question: Why did Mr. Danforth resign in 2004 as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations after only a few months? Was he forced out because his moderate views were out of sync with the administration?



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