R.E. 'Ted' Turner

Saturday, February 25, 2006

1938: Born in Cincinnati.

1963: Became president and chief operating officer of Turner Advertising, an outdoor advertising company.

1970: Purchased WJRJ, a small television station in Atlanta.

1976: Station began transmitting to cable systems via satellite. That same year, the station purchased the Atlanta Braves.

1977: The station purchased the Atlanta Hawks.

1980: Launched CNN.

1982: Launched CNN Headline News.

1986: Turner acquired MGM film library for $1.2 billion and announced plans to colorize some of the black-and-white films in the library.

1988: Turner Network Television launched.

1996: Time Warner merged with Turner Broadcasting System.

2001: Time Warner merged with AOL.

2003: Turner resigned as vice chairman of AOL Time Warner. He called the combination of AOL and Time Warner a "big mistake." Later that year, he sold more than half his stock in the company.

Yesterday: Turner announced that he would not seek reelection to Time Warner's board of directors.

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