For Starters, Ramsey Is a Gracious, Class Act

By Tony Kornheiser
Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Will you please join me in wishing bon voyage to Patrick Ramsey. We don't know just where Ramsey is going yet. But we know he's going.

Joe Gibbs has given Ramsey permission to try to work out a deal with some other team. So far Ramsey is doing it quietly, without blasting Gibbs. And so far we do not have a Frank Thomas/Kenny Williams situation -- though if Ramsey chose to spew, we certainly could.

Ramsey has every reason to be furious with Gibbs. Gibbs buried Ramsey like cheese. When Gibbs took the job, he immediately went out of his way to bring in Mark Brunell -- who appeared washed up at the time -- and quickly handed the team to Brunell.

After finally benching Brunell, who was thoroughly ineffective, and giving Ramsey the starting job, Gibbs then used the draft to go out of his way to get Jason Campbell -- which Ramsey had to see as a message. Then, after Ramsey got hurt in the first half of the first game last season, Gibbs again handed the team to Brunell and benched Ramsey.

For two years, Gibbs crushed Ramsey's career here. And all Ramsey has said is that he'd like to go somewhere else and play. He hasn't moaned, hasn't sulked, hasn't been a clubhouse irritant, hasn't lain on his driveway doing sit-ups. He was a dutiful backup -- always ready to play, always supportive of Brunell and the team. Ramsey's only sin was that he couldn't get Gibbs to believe in him.

Ramsey's flaws are obvious. He isn't nimble, and he doesn't get rid of the ball fast enough. Every time he dropped back to pass and held the ball tightly, he seemed on his way to his own execution. But he was always willing to take a hit for the team, and never tried to undermine it. He leaves here with the best wishes of a community that appreciates his effort and his decorum going out.

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