Bloggers' Responses to Web Watch

Friday, March 3, 2006; 6:56 PM

 The following are responses that Web Watch columnist Frank Ahrens received to his call for "Why we blog" statements. Links to blogs are given whenever the e-mail contained a valid URL. Some responses have been edited.

Joe Rusbasan:

One of the things I have my blog for is to pose unasked questions and ideally have my readers respond to such questions. Of course, that's not exactly the way it works, since there are too few people, and even they have seemed to stop paying attention, but it may also be related to how I sometimes like to post current events that are pretty interesting from my life in my blog too, so the questions may get obscured. And regardless of what I write about, I always try to hone my writing skills.

To comment on why people blog, I think it probably has to do with people wanting to have someone to share their lives with. This would probably explain why young people make up the majority of bloggers since they're the ones who have the largest need and smallest outlet to do so.


When I started blogging, I ran into a maxim which I'll paraphrase: If only the birds with the best song sings, the forest will be very quiet. And as a corollary to Descartes, because I live, I blog. It's my song. Those old dry bones the academy calls liberal arts and humanities are the skeletal remains of living breathing people with dreams and foibles. Being human demands we create. I blog.

A blog is a place that I can try on new expressions, post photos of my very premature grandson, pray volubly for the health of my friends, bemoan the isolation of my little life, and cry about the ravages of Katrina.

It's my song for the asking.

Hanhensulka (Finnish for Goosequil):

I run 6 blogs for now. Two in English (very lazily), and four in Finnish. I started in January 2005.

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