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MTV's '8th & Ocean': 10 Hot Models Toss Inhibitions and Intellect Aside

By John Maynard
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Watch out, all you beautiful people on MTV's "Laguna Beach" and "The Real World." Your own network is upping the reality-show-hottie quotient with "8th & Ocean," an unscripted drama about budding models who live together.

"Ocean's" ingredients combine to make for highly digestible reality television: Ten impossibly gorgeous young people, hormones a-ragin', go on semi-naked photo shoots by day and dive headfirst into the hedonistic nightlife of Florida's saucy South Beach.

"Ocean" follows the reality-show formula perfectly, and it's hard to look away from this piece of pretty puffery, made even more attractive by the slick documentary style that makes "Laguna Beach" so appealing.

Four dudes and six dudettes make up the cast, and it appears the women will provide most of the drama. The guys mostly lounge about and express, in rather crude terms, their fondness for the opposite sex. During one poolside chat, Teddy boasts to fellow model Sean about his latest photo shoot, which involved a shower scene with a woman.

"Did you cup the booty when you kissed her?" Sean inquires.

Alas, Teddy says, he did not cup the booty.

Britt, 19, is the group's newbie, arriving doe-eyed from Kansas City. She stays home alone sulking on her first night, but by the end of tonight's half-hour, Britt hits a trendy club, where one roommate notes, "She's not in Kansas anymore."

Attention also must be paid to twins Kelly and Sabrina, who have a little sibling rivalry brewing. Kelly's the cocky one who lands the big job, while Sabrina lives bitterly in her shadow. "You don't understand," Sabrina rants to Sis. "Everything always comes so easy for you."

Ack. Such lines might have you reaching for the mute button. No matter. When it comes to this slickly produced show, volume is optional.

8th & Ocean (30 minutes) debuts tonight at 10:30 on MTV.

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