Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Blogging's Boundaries

While blogging allows more freedom of expression than, for instance, newspaper writing, some topics remain mostly off limits among female bloggers, a new survey shows.

More than two-thirds of personal bloggers and three-quarters of business bloggers don't discuss salary or income, avoiding that more than religion or sexual orientation. That's according to an online survey of 185 people, mostly bloggers, by BlogHer, a directory of female bloggers.

Eighty-four percent of business bloggers said they consider romantic or sexual feelings inappropriate for their commentary. Salary and religious or spiritual beliefs also were taboo to most. Personal bloggers put salary at the top of taboo subjects, followed by romance or sex and feelings about work.

"Let's face it: We make many assumptions based on the amount of money someone makes. I suspect that many of the respondents of our survey care not to be identified by a faulty offline indicator of who they are," wrote Jory Des Jardins, a BlogHer co-founder. Sex and income can be considered unprofessional topics that could get corporate bloggers fired, she said.

-- Vickie Elmer

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