Letter to the Editor

Remembering Mrs. Graham

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

My condolences to Katharine Graham's family and to The Washington Post family. America has lost a woman of immense ability and genuine charm. She truly had the common touch in an uncommon world. We shall miss her.


Cheshire, Conn.


The death of Katharine Graham is a loss, not just to her family and to The Washington Post but to all those throughout the country who believe in a free society and in the critical role of the press.

There is no doubt that the role of the press was greatly expanded and enhanced by Mrs. Graham's principles and steadfastness during the 1970s. She served as a leader and role model and dispelled forever the notion that toughness was not a trait to be found in women.


Willingboro, N.J.


In celebration of the life and legacy of Katharine Graham, the flags at the Women's Museum in Dallas are being flown at half-staff. Mrs. Graham was an early supporter of the Women's Museum and she is honored in the museum's exhibit "Milestones in Women's History."

When the museum held its official launch in 1998, she remarked, "As we move into the new millennium, women are poised to achieve even greater success than those of the past 100 years. The Women's Museum is critical to our past and to our future, a unique place to tell the stories of individuals and groups who have brought us to this breathtaking vantage point, and a place to encourage young people to dream of their own possibilities."

We at the museum are pleased that Mrs. Graham's story is one that we can share. Her legacy is one of pushing the envelope to achieve more than anyone -- even yourself -- dreamed possible.

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