The Daily Kos noted Howard Kaloogian's
The Daily Kos noted Howard Kaloogian's "Baghdad" photo was actually taken in Turkey. (
Thursday, March 30, 2006

Howard Kaloogian, vying for the Republican nomination in the race to succeed felonious former representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-Calif.), just returned from a trip to Baghdad and posted on his Web site a photo showing a busy urban street scene, which he said proved that Baghdad is "much more calm and stable" than people think.

But something didn't look right to readers of the liberal Web site Daily Kos, who noted that women in the photo were wearing Western clothing, a couple was holding hands, and signs are in the Roman alphabet.

Soon after this discovery yesterday, the photo disappeared from the Kaloogian Web site and was replaced by a notice: "We originally posted a photograph not of Baghdad, Iraq but from Istanbul, Turkey, where our delegation traveled on the way home to the United States. We apologize for this mistake."

The photo was replaced by a long-distance shot of a Baghdad street empty of pedestrians. Late yesterday the whole display disappeared.

-- Dana Milbank

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