Cold Columns and a Warmer Earth

Saturday, April 8, 2006

In the same week that Senate Energy Committee leaders held a day-long workshop on how to cap heat-trapping carbon emissions, the op-ed columns by George F. Will ["Let Cooler Heads Prevail," April 2] and Robert D. Novak ["Spinning Global Warming," April 3] are nothing more than attempts to divert public discourse away from the need to slow, stop and then reverse global warming pollution.

There is an overwhelming consensus among scientists that global warming is underway and that humans are largely responsible. A researcher at the University of California at San Diego analyzed 928 peer-reviewed studies on climate change and found that none of these reports contested that consensus.

While a leadership void is apparent at the presidential level, there is movement at the international and local levels to combat global warming.

More than 160 countries signed on to the Kyoto climate treaty, and 221 mayors across America have agreed to meet or beat Kyoto's goals of reducing global warming pollution by 7 percent from 1990 levels by 2012.

The editorial real estate used to re-cover old ground in Will's and Novak's columns could have been better spent engaging the real debate -- how to solve global warming before we cause irreversible damage.

-- Brenda Ekwurzel


The writer is a climate scientist with the Global Environment Program of the Union of Concerned Scientists.


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