House Votes

Thursday, April 13, 2006

For the Record

Here's how some major bills fared recently in Congress and how local congressional members voted, as provided by Thomas Voting Reports. NV means Not Voting.

House Votes


For: 218/Against: 209

The House passed a bill (HR 513) to limit the political contributions that tax-exempt advocacy groups organized under Section 527 of the tax code can receive from wealthy individuals. Now awaiting Senate action, the Republican bill would cap donations at $5,000 for direct spending on federal elections and $25,000 for partisan get-out-the-vote drives. By a wide margin, "527s" have aided Democrats more than Republicans in recent years. The bill also removes a cap on spending by political parties in coordination with state and federal candidates.

A yes vote was to pass the bill.





Bartlett (R)


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