Orange Tries A Musical Appeal

By Elissa Silverman and Yolanda Woodlee
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, April 20, 2006

Of the five most prominent mayoral contenders, council member Vincent B. Orange Sr. (D-Ward 5) certainly has made the most use of multimedia in his campaign.

Orange stars in his own autobiographical documentary, "Man on a Mission." He has a campaign Web site on which a talking Orange beams in, Star Trek-like, in the upper-left-hand corner to deliver a stump speech. And, as loyal viewers of Comcast know, Orange frequently appears on government channels 13 and 16, as well as D.C. public access channels 95 and 96.

This week, Orange hit the radio airwaves with a 56-second campaign ad that features a song he co-wrote, but did not sing, to the tune of the children's Christmas classic "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." Unconstrained by the conventions of rhyme, the candidate laid out his case to become the fifth mayor of the nation's capital. To wit:

Orange the Democrat

Is a candidate for mayor.

He has a great plan

For the District of Columbia.

All of the other candidates

Used to laugh and call him names.

Media never let Orange

Have any television time.

Then on Emancipation Day

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