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We Watch . . . So You Don't Have To

Katharine McPhee and her cleavage perform on last night's
Katharine McPhee and her cleavage perform on last night's "American Idol." (Taken From Tv)

Elliott Yamin -- this season's best singer by a mile -- sang Donny Hathaway's "A Song for You" and things really got weird.

Paula started sobbing: "You move me! . . . You've moved me from the beginning!"

Paula also wanted Yamin to know she thinks he's very handsome.

(And producers of ABC newsmag "Primetime," smelling another May sweeps special, began to furiously e-mail each other.)

Simon Cowell -- the only judge worth listening to -- called Yamin's performance "a vocal master class . . . superb."

Then Kellie Pickler sang "Unchained Melody" because it reminded her of that sweet little pottery scene in "Ghost" and she bemoaned the fact that "I don't have anybody to play pottery with."

Hello? Patrick Swayze was dead in that flick, Trampy Barbie.

Bocelli said she seemed "very happy and I like her -- this is important."

"What color hair does she have?" Foster snidely asked Bocelli, who is blind.

"Blond," Bocelli responded.

"Wow," Foster said, after which Trampy Barbie trudged her way through what Simon called the Neverending Song and he was right, as usual.

Little Paris Bennett sang "The Way We Were" but voters won't remember it because she got totally upstaged by what happened next.

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