Heroes of Baseball
by Robert Lipsyte

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Some baseball heroes everyone can agree on: Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson, for example. Other stars of the diamond are hotly debated. Should Pete Rose be forgiven his gambling and allowed into the Hall of Fame?

Sportswriter Robert Lipsyte has covered the big leagues since 1962. "Heroes of Baseball" tells the stories of a handful of players -- not all saints, for sure -- who he believes had the biggest impact on the sport. Fans will enjoy the lively writing and engaging photos.

For a different view of baseball, try "Two Hot Dogs With Everything," a novel by Paul Haven. Danny Gurkin, 11, has a long list of superstitions (such as eating hot dogs before each game) to help his team win. But it's only when he finds some mysterious (and nasty-tasting) bubble gum that the pennant race really heats up. Can Danny chew long enough for the Sluggers to win?

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