In Today's Culture, Do You See Evidence of a War on Christianity?

Friday, May 5, 2006; 1:43 PM

No. A cultural "war on Christianity" is a social construct dreamed up by right-wing "Christians" who need to operate and motivate out of fear in the absence of sound biblical interpretation and authentic community ethos.

The real threat to Christianity today -- the authentic and ancient belief in Jesus's message of reconciliation, hospitality, and peace -- is a self-concerned evangelism that is captive to an atomistic idea of the Gospel and a market-driven model of individual choice -- the very individualism that conservative social critics deplore in other contexts.

--Andrew Genszler, Washington, D.C.

Is there a war being waged against Christianity in our country, in our culture and in our world? There is no clear cut answer to that question.

There is unquestionable violence and oppression against Christianity in much of the world. The church is being persecuted in an unprecedented fashion across the globe. In many of those cases it is less of a war on Christianity and more of a struggle for power by the controlling governments or religious bodies. In the United States Christianity is not met with violence, but rather the kind of indifference and contempt that can only come from a culture that has come to reject the very notions of community, service, and submission, which are tenet of Christianity. The church in America is in decline primarily because of individualism and consumerism. The church, when living according to the teachings of Christ, lives in contrast to our culture. So in some ways the church is at war with our culture. The culture views the church as irrelevant and the church views the culture as hedonistic and selfish.

--Greg Arthur, Associate Pastor, Chapel Hill, N.C.

Do I feel there is a war on Christianity? Absolutely NOT. There is a Marketing War among those who's business is Church and profits come from a "Chicken Little mentality" about scaring people into submission.

If there is a War on Christianity it's a war among factions trying to manipulate the public for funds to support special interest groups and divide the nation along religious lines.

All need to read the 'Sermon on the Mount' and use that as a guide to profiteering off of someone's faith.

--Jim MacKrell, Conroe, Tex.

The "War on Christianity" is just another example of aggressors painting themselves as victims. Moderate "live and let live"

Christians don't have a problem with America's growing religious diversity. Fundamentalists feel threatened by that diversity and attempt to suppress it by pressuring and coercing others to live by their rules. That's where the battlefront in this "War" is.

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