Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Even for Miniature Golf, That's a Lot of Birdies

· Olivia Prokopova putted her way to 15th place (and second in the women's category) at the U.S. Open ProMiniGolf Tournament in South Carolina over the weekend.

Olivia, 11, was the only kid in the 43-golfer field. She shot 300 over 162 holes, finishing 19 shots behind the winner.

Olivia, who is from the Czech Republic, reportedly spends six hours a day practicing her mini-golf stroke. She has played in the U.S. Open at least five times. Her best finish was 13th in 2004. This year she took home a trophy and $150, tournament officials said.

Whoops, Here's 2 More

· Two whooping crane eggs abandoned in Wisconsin hatched over the weekend in Maryland.

The eggs were brought to the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Laurel last week after the parent cranes did not return to care for them. Whooping cranes are endangered: Fewer than 500 are believed to exist.

The chicks will go to Wisconsin this summer and learn to follow an ultralight plane on a migratory flight to Florida.

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