Houston, We Have a Winner

Tom Hanks, left, Bill Paxton and Kevin Bacon in "Apollo 13." (Universal Pictures)
By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Tuesday, May 9, 2006

To celebrate Public Service Recognition Week -- whoo-hoo! -- the Council for Excellence in Government asked the civic-minded to vote online for their favorite government-themed movie. The poll, which closed Saturday, included a list of 33 films about presidents and other politicians, soldiers, FBI agents and sundry public employees.

The votes have been counted, and more than 900 people inexplicably passed up "Stripes" for "Apollo 13." Those brave astrohunks won by a wide margin, besting "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," "MASH," "12 Angry Men" and "The American President" for the top spot.

The council's Carl Fillichio thinks astronauts won because they're "still romantic and exciting," as opposed to, say, congressfolk. Further proof: The council held a recruiting festival on the Mall last week, and NASA's booth was mobbed the whole time.

Steinbuch's Suit Has Room to Grow

The bitter and messy lawsuit against Capitol Hill sex blogger Jessica Cutler by a former paramour is snaking its way into the highest echelons of D.C. blog royalty. In a federal court filing late last week, a lawyer for Robert Steinbuch said he will seek to add Ana Marie Cox , founder of the popular political-gossip Web site Wonkette, as a co-defendant.

Cutler's explicit online "Washingtonienne" diary, detailing escapades with several unnamed men, blew up into a mini-scandal after Wonkette publicized it in May 2004. A year later -- after Cutler lost her Senate job but gained a book deal -- Steinbuch sued, alleging invasion of privacy and emotional distress. Cutler responded that she only shared her blog with four friends and did not perpetrate its broader airing. So Steinbuch is now seeking to add Cox and the as-yet-unnamed person who turned her on to Cutler's blog to the suit. Cox, now a columnist for Time, declined comment last night.


· The brutal coverage during her 2000 Senate race? The whole "right-wing conspiracy" thing? All apparently forgiven! Two weeks ago Hillary Clinton schmoozed with Rupert Murdoch at a Fox News party, and now the conservative media baron has agreed to host a fundraiser for her this summer, the Financial Times was first to report last night.

· Welcome to the big leagues! In a gesture of local Big Guy congeniality, Redskins owner Dan Snyder sent a note of congratulations and a bottle of Dom Perignon to Ted and Mark Lerner the day after they were officially named owners of the Washington Nationals.

· And in an unrelated powerbroker powwow . . . handsome young D.C. mayoral hopeful Adrian Fenty met over Wheaties last week with handsome young San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom at the Beacon Bar & Grill for breakfast.


kondracke wedding
Editor/pundit Morton Kondracke and Marguerite Sallee tied the knot on Saturday.(Tom Williams)
· Hitched: Journalist Morton Kondracke wed Marguerite Sallee on Saturday at St. John's Episcopal Church in D.C. The Roll Call editor/Fox News analyst and the CEO of America's Promise tied the knot before 100 pals then celebrated on the Hay-Adams rooftop. Kondracke's marriage to Milly Martinez , who died in 2004 of Parkinson's disease, was chronicled in his book "Saving Milly."

· They're off : The Virginia Gold Cup steeplechase is often upstaged by drinking and networking, but this weekend's races had an extra sideshow: New Jerseyites Katie O'Malley , 39, and Angus McCulloch , 42, exchanged vows between the third and fourth races in a tent sponsored by conservative advocacy group FreedomWorks. Second marriage for both. "I kind of like the chaos around us," said O'Malley, a fundraiser for a nonprofit.

· Big daddy : Adam Sandler and his wife, Jackie , had a baby girl Saturday in L.A., reports People magazine. The comedian's Web site says: "Kid is healthy!! Wife is healthy!! He's still a moron, and that's all that counts!!!"

HEY, ISN'T THAT . . . ?

· Jenna and Barbara Bush , shopping for vintage clothes in Arlington Saturday. The twins popped into Eclectic Threads midafternoon and browsed the crowded shop for 20-30 minutes without being recognized, even when Barbara called out, "Sister!" Jenna, in sunglasses and peach linen pants, spent most of the time on her cellphone; Barbara, wearing a skirt and jeweled sandals, picked up a funky, '70s-style gold belt for $20.

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