Lohan's 'Luck' Runs Out

Friday, May 12, 2006

In "Just My Luck" Lindsay Lohan plays an intolerably lucky young PR professional in New York who never has trouble finding a cab, a date, a dress or a promotion. As the movie opens, she has just gotten, entirely by accident, an incredible account with a big record label. Cut to: shlub. Poor Jake Hardin (Rob Lowe look-alike Chris Pine). A wannabe record producer, he has no contacts, no charisma, no wardrobe, plus he wears Larry King glasses. Well, the story is contrived to intro the two of them and by the magic of the kiss, her luck is transferred to him. He gets his Big Break and becomes a star. She, Job-like, loses everything in a matter of minutes. Wahhhhhh. It's so unfair! Nothing hurts more than losing something you didn't deserve in the first place.

Mostly, the film seems to take place in some Disneyfied universe so alien from the real world of Manhattan power public relations (see "Sweet Smell of Success," which knew more about that game in 1957 than this dim dream does almost a half-century later) that it's almost comical. In the end, I can't think of a movie that matters less than "Just My Luck." It's just negligible.

-- Stephen Hunter

Just My Luck PG-13, 100 minutes Contains mild sexual innuendo. Area theaters.

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