For These Onetime Favorites, It's the End of the Line

(By Deborah Feingold -- Fox Via Ap)
Sunday, May 14, 2006

Here are several other shows that are saying goodbye -- in some cases, well after many of their fans did:

'Malcolm in the Middle' (Fox)

The big buh-bye: Tonight, after seven seasons.

Reeled in: 15.2 million viewers in the first season (2000)

Drove away: Nearly everyone. Averaged 3.7 million this season.

We watched because: It felt like "The Wonder Years," "My Three Sons" and "The Simpsons" all rolled into one wonderful mess. Bonus: No laugh track!

We flipped away 'cause: Malcolm and his brothers suddenly grew up -- voices dropped and whiskers sprouted -- turning fresh-baked fun into moldy comedy crumbs.

Please spin off: Dad Hal (Bryan Cranston). He had us at the first breakfast back-shaving.

'That '70s Show' (Fox)

The big buh-bye: Thursday, after eight seasons

Reeled in: 11.3 million peak, during the first season (1998)

Drove away: Half. Averaged 5.6 million this season.

We watched because: At first even Ashton Kutcher seemed charming. And that Big Star theme song. Aw.

We flipped away 'cause: In a bad Alice-in-Wonderland twist, Donna seemed to get bigger while Eric got smaller.

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