To the 'Moon!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

You want the palm trees just so. The Champs-Elysees should smell of roses and baguettes. And how about some starlight for her upturned eyes and a hint of sunset on his chiseled jaw? After all, once the planning, waiting and tension of the Big Day are finally over, traveling newlyweds want nothing but perfection for the scene of their first . . . colossal argument.

Ah, the honeymoon. What other vacation is asked to bear so much baggage? Take two crazed, exhausted and overstimulated lovers (shall we add hung-over? You know who you are) and plant them in a place where they hope to: A, take in some new and interesting sights; B, come to terms with the fact that the shrieking woman dancing with the busboy is now officially his mother-in-law; and C, generally unwind from one of life's great stress-fests.

What could go wrong?

Plenty, unless you listen to us. We've gathered expert advice on honeymoon tips and trends. Five postnuptial case studies range from bargains to blowouts. Our destination chart matches popular spots to your personal style. And anecdotes from readers prove once and for all that romance can triumph over such apres-wedding downers as dysentery, hurricanes and flying jockstraps.

It's not just Niagara Falls anymore, people. Whatever your honeymoon fantasy -- mai tais on Maui? Zipped-together sleeping bags in Colorado? Your going-away outfit on the floor of a Four Seasons suite? -- we can help.

Let the rice fly.

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