5 Couples, 5 Budgets, 5 Honeymoons

(Provided By Courtney And Shaun T)
Sunday, May 21, 2006

Planning a honeymoon can be as daunting as putting together the perfect wedding. Lounge on the beach or explore a city? Dust off the passport or travel close to home? Use up all the vacation time or do a quick getaway? Break the bank or go the frugal route?

We asked five area couples who honeymooned in different ways during the past year to share their experiences -- the good, the bad and the "what were we thinking?"

:: Laura and Brian Cruz: Walt Disney World

:: Ellona and Gus Fritschie: Brazil

:: Nicole and Rodney Butler: Caribbean cruise

:: Courtney and Shaun Toomey: Hawaii

:: Alan and Denise Herencia: Jamaica

-- Carol Sottili

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