Courtney and Shaun Toomey

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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Courtney and Shaun Toomey

Courtney, 30, is a meeting planner with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Shaun, 35, owns a mortgage company. They married July 30 in Washington and live in the District.

WHERE THEY WENT: Hawaii, where they spent four nights on Kauai at the Hyatt Regency and six on the Big Island of Hawaii at the Four Seasons.

WHO'S THE PLANNER IN THE FAMILY? Shaun organized the entire trip. They'd wanted to go to the Italian Riviera but decided that Hawaii would give them more opportunities to indulge his passion for golf and her love for the beach. "We really wanted to relax," said Courtney. "Neither one of us had ever been to Hawaii, but a lot of our friends had been there, and they told us it would be perfect for a honeymoon."

BUDGET: Upward of $15,000

WHAT THAT BUYS YOU: Courtney travels frequently for her job and often stays at top-shelf properities, but nothing prepared her for the "unbelievable" Four Seasons Resort. "I've never stayed anywhere as nice as that," she said. Because the resorts were so high-end, they were content just relaxing on-site and in their rooms. For several nights they had room service deliver gourmet dinners to their private terrace overlooking the sea.

TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING: By the last day, Courtney was overdosing on gourmet. "I was looking for french fries," she said. "I was ordering chicken nuggets off the kids menu."

SIDE ORDERS: Shaun golfed twice, Courtney hit the spa a couple of times, and in Kauai, they hiked, drove a Jeep around the island and took a helicopter ride.

WHAT THEY'D DO DIFFERENTLY: Stay longer. "Ten days were not enough," she said.

LOOKING BACK: "You're so elated coming from your wedding, where everyone you ever loved was around you," Courtney said. "Then to be on your honeymoon, so relaxed, enjoying each other's company, it was wonderful."


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