Marijuana Muffins Take a Toll

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Nineteen employees of a Dallas high school became ill last week, and 18 of them had to be treated at a hospital after eating muffins tainted with marijuana and possibly other substances.

The employees became sick after eating from the same batch of muffins, which were delivered to the teachers' lounge at Lake Highlands High School. The FBI later released surveillance photos of a young man delivering the muffins. The man, who reportedly claimed the delivery was part of an Eagle Scout project, is considered a "person of interest" by the FBI.

All of the employees were treated and released, except for Rita Greenfield, 86, a receptionist, who was held overnight for observation.

"She was extremely dizzy, and she was very nauseated," said Greenfield's daughter, Carla Fulton.

Fulton said her mother has had quadruple-bypass surgery and takes several heart medications. Her heart rate dropped dangerously low, leading doctors to keep her overnight. "She was laughing, but we were all very concerned," Fulton said.

A physician told Fulton "that it was at least in part marijuana" in the muffins, she said.

-- Matthew C. Wright

Checking on School's Prom Checks

Most prospective prom escorts have to worry about passing muster with their dates' parents. In Cape Cod, school officials are doing criminal background checks on some escorts who are not students.

Six had records, prompting officials at Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School to initially ban them from the prom. School officials said they were trying to weed out troublemakers. They later relented after parents complained.

Now, the state's Criminal History Systems Board has launched an investigation into whether school officials improperly accessed the records. Police officers posted at the school used their access to state databases to conduct the search.

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