From the French band Phoenix, the catchy
From the French band Phoenix, the catchy "Long Distance Call." (By Paul Bernhard)
Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A weekly playlist for the listener with a one-track mind.

Phoenix: "Long Distance Call"

Sacre bleu-eyed soul! French band Phoenix musses up its lite-rock leanings (think Hall & Oates) with fuzzy, taut guitars (think Wire) to create what might be the catchiest song we've heard this year.

DJ Technics: "You"

The hyperventilating tempos of Baltimore club music rarely connote summer breezes, but DJ Technics does it here, injecting a shimmering drum break into an already excellent Raheem DeVaughn ballad, "You." Download this gem on Technics's MySpace page.

Psapp: "Hi"

Say hi to Psapp. The first P is silent, but eventually you'll be describing the group to your friends in a gush of onomatopoeia. That's because singer Galia Durant delivers her enchanting melodies over a collage of sampled ticks, tocks, splooshes, plinks, bonks, kerplonks . . . . See what we mean?

Yo Gotti: "That's What's Up"

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