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Sex, Booze & Surveys: Journos Gone Wild

The Times Magazine has not run the letter, but aggravated him further by publishing one yesterday that mocked "Tim Russert's refusing to answer insistent, Russert-like questioning about the things he learned from his mother."

More Fabrication

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has fired reporter Paul Bradley for making up an interview with the director of a center for day laborers for a piece reacting to President Bush's immigration speech. Despite the Herndon dateline, Bradley never visited the center and lifted one scene from The Washington Post. Bradley, 51, told the Associated Press he had committed an "indefensible journalistic sin."

Dissing Single Women

It was an infamous Newsweek cover 20 years ago, predicting that a single, white, college-educated woman of 40 had less chance of finding a husband than being killed by a terrorist.

It was also spectacularly wrong, as the magazine acknowledged yesterday with a new cover piece saying that 90 percent of boomer women (and men) have married or will do so. Newsweek blames flawed research but says little about its absurd hype in marketing the 1986 story.

As for the terrorist crack, it was originally a funny aside in an internal memo by San Francisco correspondent Pamela Abramson, who now says: "It's true -- I am responsible for the single most irresponsible line in the history of journalism, all meant in jest."

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