Freddy Adu Celebrates a Sweet 17

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Friday, June 2, 2006

Everyone at last week's Greater Washington Sports Alliance party in Potomac was buzzing about the slender kid with the diamond-chip earring schmoozing so easily with the suits. Is that who I think it is? How old is he now? And what's in that wine glass?

"It's Coke!" said soccer phenom Freddy Adu . He turns 17 today.

Which makes him still the youngest by far on the D.C. United roster. He and teammate Alecko Eskandarian , 23, laughed when we asked where pro soccer players hang out. "Chuck E. Cheese," Adu deadpanned. "They know him at all the arcades," added Eskandarian (who named Dragonfly, among other Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan haunts).

Seriously, though, what kind of social life does a teen prodigy with a demanding job and half-million-dollar salary get to enjoy? Not a bad one: Adu has a close network of pals from his club-soccer days, most now playing for nearby colleges. Oh, and he's been dating another child star, 15-year-old singer/actress JoJo , for about a year, since they met on the set of an MTV show. She lives in Massachusetts but they see each other every few weeks, he said.

In general, life is pretty good, especially now that he's logging more playing time than in his first two seasons. "I'm just having a blast," he said. "That was the goal all along. When you don't enjoy yourself, it takes a lot out of it."

The birthday boy will dine out with a group of about 15 friends. It won't be a late night, on account of tomorrow's game against the New England Revolution -- though they might head out again after that. Bring your quarters!


· Sold! An eBay auction of 115 outfits worn by first ladies, senators and Senate wives was moderately successful. The top bid of $657 went to a white silk evening gown (beaded top, silk skirt, size 6) donated by former first lady Barbara Bush and worn by her granddaughter, Marshall Bush , to the 2005 inaugural ball. Nine of the items failed to draw the minimum of $99 -- then again, how often would you wear a hot pink pantsuit (size 42) in Washington? The auction, which ended Wednesday night, raised $15,752 for the Laura Bush Foundation for America's Libraries, with proceeds going to Gulf Coast schools.

Hastert Heads to the House Floor
House Speaker Dennis Hastert and his posse (really, his security detail) in December.(Lauren Victoria Burke - AP)
· Rep. Dennis Hastert became the longest-serving Republican speaker of the House yesterday, passing Joe Cannon -- also from Illinois -- who served in the job from November 1903 to March 1911. (The overall title is held by Democrat Sam Rayburn , who logged 17 years in three stints.) The low-key Hastert celebrated by . . . traveling. Par-ty!

Kelis Brings All the Gossips to the Bar

Kelis was two hours late to her very own album "listening party" at kstreet lounge, but at least the drinks were free. ("Can you please mention Belvedere vodka?" the sponsor's publicist begs. Ohh-kay.) Might be why we were so dazed by the R&B chanteuse's appearance: She looked nothing like the bubble-wigged hoochie who writhed through the naughty, hypnotic "Milkshake" video. At 5 feet 10 with a firm gaze, she's got the terrifying poise of your middle school principal, if your principal had the bod for a plunging white shorty jumpsuit and four-inch platform heels.

Suddenly our prepared question was seeming really dumb, but anyway: Guy friends claim that certain pop starlets lost their, um, desirability when they got married. Any such career concerns now that she wed rap superstar Nas ?

"If you lose your sex appeal when you get married, you didn't have much to begin with," Kelis pronounced with husky confidence. "To me, I'm sexier now." Yeah, dumb question.


· HRH Daddy: Putting all sorts of rumors to rest, Monaco's Prince Albert II admitted he's the father of a 14-year-old California girl. The 48-year-old royal had a tryst with a vacationing American waitress in 1991 and fathered Jazmin Grace Rotolo , an eighth-grader living in Palm Desert. The never-married prince also has a boy, now 3; neither child can use the Grimaldi family name or inherit the throne -- that goes to Albert's older sister, Caroline , if the prince dies without heirs born in a Catholic marriage.

· Oh, Mama: Former Playmate Anna Nicole Smith , fresh from her Supreme Court cameo, is expecting a bundle of joy later this year. No, not the $88 million she's seeking from her late husband's estate -- a baby, according to her Web site. No name or age of the father-to-be.

· Weisz Guy: Rachel Weisz , who picked up her Supporting Actress Academy Award with baby on board, gave birth to a boy yesterday, reports People magazine. No name announced, but "Oscar" has been ruled out.

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