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Under a War-Torn Sky

Sunday, June 4, 2006

Henry Forester is a long way from the Virginia farm he calls home. Barely 19, he's the co-pilot of a B-24 bomber crew based in England during World War II.

Henry is on his 15th mission over Europe when his plane is shot out of the sky by the Germans. Wounded in the attack, Henry parachutes to the ground, but he's behind enemy lines. And this is where his adventure really begins.

Henry's survival depends on figuring out whom he can trust. Some of the people he turns to are with the French Resistance (civilians who risk their lives trying to cripple Nazi Germany's war effort). Helping Henry could get them -- and him -- shot.

Others he meets are Nazi supporters who would like nothing more than to capture an American pilot. As the weeks drag on, Henry's situation becomes more and more dangerous, and his survival more and more uncertain.

This fictional book was inspired by the stories of this Virginia author's father, a downed WWII pilot who spent several frightening months behind enemy lines.

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