Wednesday, June 7, 2006


Rare Type of Leopard Found Dead

A rare clouded leopard has been found dead at a National Zoo facility in Front Royal, entangled in a rope hammock about 12 feet off the ground.

The entanglement did not necessarily cause the death, officials said. The cause may not be known for several months, until pathology reports are complete, zoo officials said yesterday. The 14-year-old male, discovered dead Sunday morning, was considered elderly and had been treated for testicular cancer.

Rope hammocks have been employed for the past decade at the Conservation and Research Center to provide perches for clouded leopards, which spend much of the day in trees, and zoo officials said there had been no problems with them. There are 10 remaining clouded leopards, which are native to Asia, at the zoo research facility.

-- D'Vera Cohn


Rail Delays Complicated by Odor

Thousands of Metrorail passengers were delayed yesterday when a train broke down near Rosslyn. Difficulties were compounded when an acrid odor seeped into the crowded Foggy Bottom station, where police were arriving to answer a call for help in another matter.

A Metro spokeswoman said the problems began about 5:40 p.m., when a train broke down between the Rosslyn and Court House stations.

Candace Smith said the odor of something burning came from a brake problem on another train and was cleared with fans.

Metro police were called to help plainclothes officers from another law enforcement agency, but when they arrived at Foggy Bottom, she said, they found nothing suspicious.

-- Martin Weil

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