Teen Guilty in 2002 Sex Case Arrested on New Charge

By Ernesto Londoño
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, June 8, 2006

When he was 16, high school student Andrew G. Klepper pleaded guilty to three felonies for sodomizing a female escort with a baseball bat and an ink marker at his Bethesda home.

Last month, Klepper, now 19, was charged in a case involving another female escort. This time, police say he set up an advertisement for the woman's services on a popular Web site and then drove her to a Rockville hotel to meet a "john" who was really a Montgomery County vice detective.

Klepper's attorney, Paul Kemp, said the new charge is a minor, nonviolent offense that is seldom prosecuted.

"The defendant is charged with essentially providing transportation," Kemp said during a recent court hearing. "He didn't convince someone to become a prostitute."

Prosecutors say the new charge -- pandering, a misdemeanor punishable by up to 10 years in prison -- is a serious offense considering Klepper's background. Klepper also has been charged with violating the terms of his probation. He is in jail.

Two of Klepper's classmates at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda were also charged in the November 2002 case, which drew widespread attention because of the age of the defendants and the brutality of the crime.

In the new case, Assistant State's Attorney Jeffrey T. Wennar said in court that police last month found several photographs taken in Klepper's Bethesda house that show women "in various states of dress and undress." Police also found women's undergarments packaged in small bags, Wennar said.

"There may not have been a victim per se, your honor," Wennar said in court. "But this fetish complex that he has and this entrepreneurial desire to sell these sexual items -- for a lack of a better term -- there's something going on here."

Klepper's latest brush with the law came on May 15, after Montgomery vice detective Thomas Stack logged on to Craigslist -- a free and popular Web site that allows people to advertise a wide range of items such as housing and furniture -- and clicked on an ad posted by a person identified as "Lisa" who was offering "Full Service" for $200 per hour. The ad included two cellphone numbers: Lisa's and one identified as belonging to a friend who could book appointments if she was busy.

According to a police charging document, at 6:15 p.m. the vice officer called one of the numbers and spoke with the woman. After determining the price and type of sex acts to be performed, the document said, the officer and the woman agreed to meet at the Sleep Inn at 3 Research Ct. -- a block from police headquarters in Rockville.

Once at the hotel, Stack called the woman, who police said told him to go to Room 222. Inside, Stack identified himself as a police officer, and he and other officers searched the room, where condoms, the woman's cellphone and $241 were found, the charging document said.

The woman, Melissa Brewer, told Stack that "her assistant Andrew was downstairs in the lobby," the document said. Brewer has been charged with prostitution. Her attorney did not return a phone call yesterday, and her cellphone appears to no longer be in service.

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