Adrian Griffin vs. Dwyane Wade

Thursday, June 8, 2006

So far, the best defense against Wade has been a sinus infection -- and even http://that hasn't completely stopped him. If Nowitzki has been the No. 1 player this postseason, then Wade has been 1A. With his scorching speed, Wade can get to the basket at will, and with his improved range, he can now step back to hit three-pointers on occasion. Wade completely demoralized the Detroit Pistons with his acrobatic, indescribable shots and shot almost 70 percent through the first four games of that series. Despite his penchant for thrusting his body in harm's way, Wade -- like in his popular Converse commercial -- consistently bounces back up. He shot poorly against the Mavericks in the regular season (40.6 percent), as Dallas slowed him down using a combination of Griffin, Josh Howard, Jerry Stackhouse and Marquis Daniels. Griffin will get the first opportunity to stop Wade.


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