Monday, June 12, 2006

The 22 third-graders in Jacquie Tolan's class at Farmland Elementary in Rockville are the final Class of KidsPost for this school year.

Favorite author: J.K. Rowling topped the reading list with 10 votes.

Favorite TV show: "Hannah Montana," "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" and "Yu-Gi-Oh!" tied with three votes each.

Favorite game: Monopoly edged chess.

Favorite sport: Six kids picked swimming.

Time spent on the Internet each week: Fourteen kids said they spend less than two hours. One kid is on more than three hours.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Vanilla edged chocolate chip cookie dough.

Best birthday party: Laser tag got five votes.

Is a language other than English spoken in your home? Hebrew, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish and Japanese were mentioned.

The biggest problem in the world today: Eight kids said war. Others worry about pollution, global warming and homework.

Thanks to all the students and teachers who participated in Class of KidsPost. We enjoyed reading your questionnaires and looking at your pictures, even if you didn't make it into the newspaper. Class of KidsPost will resume in the fall. Have a great summer!

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