Governors Win Primaries In Maine and South Carolina

Associated Press
Wednesday, June 14, 2006

In addition to Virginia, four other states held elections yesterday, including primaries for governor in Maine and South Carolina, a Democratic runoff for the nomination for lieutenant governor in Arkansas, and referendums on constitutional amendments in North Dakota.

In South Carolina, Gov. Mark Sanford (R) easily defeated a political newcomer for the nomination. In the Democratic primary, state Sen. Thomas I. Moore beat Florence Mayor Frank Willis.

The state's GOP primary for lieutenant governor was headed to a runoff between incumbent Andre Bauer and challenger Mike Campbell, the son of Carroll Campbell, a popular former governor. The race had been energized by news that Bauer at least twice avoided speeding tickets.

In Maine, two Democrats competed for the chance to take on two-term Sen. Olympia J. Snowe (R). The candidates were separated by fewer than 500 votes early today. Snowe had no GOP challenger.

In the state's three-way Republican primary for governor, state Sen. Chandler E. Woodcock narrowly led Senate colleague Peter Mills. On the Democratic side, Gov. John E. Baldacci easily prevailed against a little-known computer specialist.

In Arkansas, former Clinton administration official Bill Halter defeated state Sen. Tim Wooldridge in a runoff to determine the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor. Halter will face state Sen. Jim Holt (R) this fall.

In North Dakota, voters approved two constitutional amendments -- one that would remove sex, age and residency references in the constitution's definition of a state militia, the other to give the legislature more authority to regulate how corporate shareholders vote for boards of directors.

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