All Hail Marble

Thursday, June 15, 2006

As the ads might trumpet it: From Ancient Rome to Your Home.

A rare yellow marble like that used in columns of the Pantheon, a masterpiece built to honor the ancient gods of Rome, is now available at DeZahra, a showroom in the Washington Design Center.

The marble, called Giallo Antico (pronounced JAL-lo an-TEE-co), comes from a quarry in the North African country of Tunisia that supplied stone to many other Roman monuments and palaces.

It is -- surprise, surprise -- not cheap, costing about $80 per square foot (regular ol' marble can cost as little as $10). At that price, few people buy it to line their kitchen counters, said Marilyn DeMent, an owner with her husband of DeZahra, which imports all its stone from Tunisia. Giallo Antico is more typically lavished on powder rooms and sinks, she said, or perhaps as a stone inlay.

Still makes a pretty impressive design statement.

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