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Malvo Claims 4 Other Shootings, Source Says

Muhammad has consistently claimed his innocence. When he defended himself at his recent trial in Montgomery County, he argued that he was framed by authorities.

Malvo told investigators that the California victim was shot at close range in Los Angeles during a robbery, the first source said. The victim's identity, the date of the shooting and other details could not be determined.

Malvo also provided general information about the victims, locations and dates in the other cases, the source said.

In one case that matches Malvo's claim, Albert Michalczyk, a retired contractor from Tucson, was shot while playing golf at Glen Oaks Golf Course in Clearwater, Fla., on May 18 while visiting his daughter.

Standing at the course's seventh hole, he heard a loud bang that the dozens of golfers in the area initially mistook for a firecracker. In fact, it was a bullet that had struck him on the upper-right side of the chest.

"I was really fortunate that it went right through my right breast," Michalczyk said in an interview. "If I hadn't been standing that way, I wouldn't be here today."

Michalczyk said the shooting still mystifies him.

"The one who was devastated was my poor grandson," he said. "He's 9 years old."

Michalczyk said he's no longer haunted by the shooting but remains intrigued.

"I've been thinking about it," he said. "I'd like to know who did it."

Clearwater police could not be reached for comment late yesterday. Michalczyk said he considers Malvo and Muhammad suspects because Malvo's mother lived at the time in Fort Myers, Fla., which is a two-hour drive from Clearwater.

Michalczyk didn't stay long at the hospital. When he was discharged, a doctor told him he was a "lucky guy."

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