Electric Car Had Its Turn

Saturday, July 1, 2006

"An Electric Car, Booted" [Style, June 16] incorrectly implies that the museum removed the EV1 from display upon request by General Motors before the release of a documentary critical of GM.

There is no relation between the EV1's removal and the film's release. The EV1 was taken off view as part of a standard rotation of objects; short-term displays of three months to one year are common at the museum. More than 4 million visitors saw the EV1 displayed in a prominent location during the 15 months it was on view -- much longer than originally planned. The decision to rotate vehicles was made in January, long before any release dates for the film were known.

The museum maintains full control of its exhibitions and programs. I, along with our curators, make decisions in accordance with the standards and reputation of the Smithsonian Institution.



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