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Sunday, July 9, 2006

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Program specialist at a lab

Management consultant

Time in the D.C. area

Eleven months

Entire life

Last book read

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell or the last Harry Potter book

Happiest day

Anytime I'm near water and the weather is warm.

The day I received my scholarship for undergrad - I was on my knees crying.

Odd dating fact

I've never dated anyone younger than myself.

Imagine if the only women who find you attractive are eight years younger or eight years older than you.

Usual type

Tall, dark hair, decent shape, socially conscious, good relationship with family, vegetarian-friendly

Blond, but not ditzy; granola, but shave their legs; creative girls with interesting stories; and, sure, the anorexic with big boobs thing is hard to turn down.

Dream date's theme song

"Cruisin'" by D'Angelo or "Banana Pancakes" by Jack Johnson

"She's a brick ... house." Just kidding.


This Story

Adrienne: I got to the restaurant first. I was hoping I wouldn't. You feel so conspicuous. They showed me to the table, but I went to the bathroom because I didn't want to just sit there. By the time I got back, Gordon was standing there with the waiter.

Gordon: No, definitely when I arrived she was already sitting.

Adrienne: That's so not what happened.

Gordon: She wasn't exactly the type of person I'm attracted to. A friend of mine described me as liking "the little blond ones," so I guess that's more my type. But she was very cute, with long hair and those librarian glasses. And she was smiling, which is always good.

Adrienne: He was really nice-looking, [but] I shouldn't have worn platform sandals! I'm 5 feet 4. It's not like he walked in and I was towering over him, but I noticed he wasn't tall.

Gordon: I sat down, and we must have chatted for half an hour before we even really looked at the menu. Some people going on their first date are really reserved. She was very outgoing and willing to throw comments out there.

Adrienne: I hardly ever drink, and [that night] I had two really strong cocktails. I will talk about anything once I've had alcohol. And he's really funny. I told him I was so relieved because going into it I was worried I'd have to sit there and pretend to have a good time.

Gordon: We ordered like six plates of these random Greek tapas. It came out she was vegetarian. I asked her if she would be willing to have seafood, and she said yes, but it wasn't really an affirmative yes. Then she was like, "Oh, why don't we have some octopus."

Adrienne: We did get the octopus, which, well, was gross. I swear I had a tentacle in my teeth, so while he's talking I was trying to use my fingernail to pick my tooth. I was like, that's so not cool.

Gordon: I didn't really notice. I liked the fact that she was open to trying new things.

Adrienne: I felt like I laughed the whole time. We talked nonstop pretty much for four hours about a little bit of everything. He's adventurous, it sounds like. He mentioned climbing Kilimanjaro in the next couple years. I'm like, wow, sounds awesome, but I would never do it.

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