Triple Whammy

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I am an avid Post reader and a fan of Robin Givhan, but I am so disappointed by her gall in giving away the winner of the first challenge of the "Project Runway" episode that aired Wednesday night ["Pinking Shears at 20 Paces," Style, July 12]. There should at least have been a "spoiler alert" at the beginning. I think I speak for many Washingtonians when I say that I had been eagerly awaiting the first episode of the show, and I am appalled that she did that.

-- Erin Harden



Your unprecedented decision to reveal the name of the winner of the first challenge in advance of the premiere of "Project Runway" severely compromised the viewing experience for millions of those planning to watch.

When the issue was brought to your attention, Steve Reiss, deputy assistant managing editor for the Style section, took the position that including the name of the winner was not considered a "spoiler." When you were asked to remove the winner's name from the online version, you declined, citing an editorial policy that all online stories reflect the actual print stories.

We'd like to know what your readers think about your decision to reveal the winner's name. We encourage them to go to to post their thoughts.

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