Creative Alternatives to Nuclear Power

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Regarding Jim Hoagland's

July 16 op-ed column, "Bush's Nuclear Energy":

Americans will need a lot of convincing that nuclear energy is a safe response to energy security needs and global warming. Here in Pennsylvania, the No. 2 reactor of Three Mile Island still stands as a monument to nuclear energy's potential hazards. Spent fuel is a certain hazard, and no solution yet exists to deal with the waste that nuclear power plants produce.

We are historically an innovative nation. We should not be seeking a "new nuclear world order," as Mr. Hoagland said, but rather to increase the availability and reliance on renewable energy such as wind, solar and ethanol, and to further develop cleaner-burning coal gasification plant technology.

These options could help reduce global warming emissions and increase energy security while avoiding nuclear waste and higher risks of nuclear power.



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